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Builder Magazine Announces Top 20 Housing Markets for 2010

Boyce Thompson’s article in Builder Magazine listed the 20 healthiest housing markets for 2010 that are poised to recover more quickly than other markets in the US.

Using Offline Marketing to Drive a Social Media Following

Social media is a 2 way street and while a simple statement, I think many of us can be too entrenched in a broadcast marketing world to fully grasp what that means.

Trends for 2010 Local Internet Marketing

Seemingly on the other side of the worst recession in recent memory, 2010 is poised for a rebound and marketing on the internet with continue to be a big part of that recovery.

What Real Time Search Means for Local Business

With both Google and Bing striking deals with Twitter to index tweets and include them in search results, the natural question to ask is “How does this affect my business?”.

Funding a Home Improvement - The Difference Between Home Equity and HELOC Loans

We have discussed in several posts past exactly how good of a time it is to remodel if you are in a situation where selling your house is difficult, or you simply cant get what you want for it.

REMINDER about the 2009 Remodeling Show...

Remodeling Show 2009 takes place October 28-30 (conference begins Oct 27) at the Indiana Convention Center in downtown Indianapolis... 

HomePros BETA Directory Version 1 is Live…

HomePros has just launched in semi-public BETA the first version of our directory.

HomePros CEO Phillip Rather Interviewed by The BusinessMakers Radio Show

This past Friday, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Esther Steinfeld of The Business Makers Radio Show in Houston, TX.

42 Contractor Unlicensed Contractors Busted in Nassau County

At the end of a 5 week investigation into unlicensed contractors performing home improvement work in the Nassau County, New York, 42 contractors were exposed with 4 facing felony charges for taking

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