Green Furniture

In today's market, you can find a large variety of furniture manufacturers who avoid using harmful chemical, reducing pollution and toxins that can negatively impact indoor air quality. When looking for green furniture, remember the "3Rs" and reduce, repair, and recycle as much as possible. When building your furniture collection, you will want to pay special attention to acquiring at least some antique pieces. Not only do these old pieces tend to be beautiful in their artistry, they have soul that turns inanimate objects into living artistic expressions of life's value. Furniture from a quieter, gentler era balances out the high-speed machines of today. If you have a passion for antiques, try to add one new piece to your collection each year. Rooms breathe with energy and truth if you give them "gifts" of old furniture. Why do antiques bring so much emotional comfort? What is it about an old piece of furniture that energizes a space? The answers to these questions all stem from the rare beauty and craftsmanship that have been treasured by generations. Antiques take you back to an earlier age, a time of handmade artistry long before the dawn of the information age. When an artist puts his heart, hands, and soul into his work, the object is infused with his spirit. Over the years, this piece of furniture has been rubbed, polished, mended and tended, sewn and restored. Antiques are more than mere possessions scattered around the house; they are indeed your friends, physically and viscerally adored. As you move these lovable objects from place to place, room to room, or house to house, they bring warmth and continuity wherever you live. They share your life with you. As with so much else today, you have the option of following older traditions that have little impact on the environment or choosing items made by new, clean production methods. In order to help protect the environment, you should ask manufacturers for their policies and statistics on sustainable forestry and about their compliance with the Clean Air Act before buying their products. Traditionally hand-crafted furniture used natural materials in simple, economic, efficient ways. This approach has produced some of the world's finest furniture—from primitive items to the more sophisticated simplicity of Shaker furniture—and it's still equally valid today.