Home 2.0

With massive decline in home values, homeowners often have little option when it comes to selling their homes and many are looking for ways to improve their current dwelling through remodeling. Home improvement not only adds value and enjoyment to your home, it will prepare you best when it does come time to sell in a hyper-competitive market. Homeowners are also looking to find ways they can save in their day to day lives as cash becomes more important, and have found great ways to do this through green living. However most homeowner's DIY or green living experience comes mostly from watching HGTV and have yet to really put these ideas into practice.

The social web has now allowed for the home improvement community to come together. Disjointed by nature, the industry needed a way for homeowners, do-it-your-selfers, contractors, architects, designers, green activists, retailers, and manufacturers to communicate on an open platform to discuss how to better improve their lives through their homes, businesses, and the environment. Through this online collaboration the community is built upon a data repository and interaction point for anything related to your home, and serves as the collective authority on these subjects.

Home 2.0, as we've dubbed it, is here and built upon the idea that people should be able to easily gather, validate and manage information concerning their home projects, and furthermore comfortably create a plan for a project, put it into action and see it through. Social networking in this space will soon see the integration of customer relationship and project management applications, review based directories, interior design software, accounting and record keeping. As this functionality quickly becomes available, the community can begin to function as a true marketplace making home improvement and home services easy.

Muhs at 2:06pm December 16

Housing continues to be the single largest investment most people will make, and today, the market continues to take a toll on these investments and threaten the fundamental component of quality of life. As a result, having the means for building and protecting homeowner value is imperative. The premise of Home 2.0 is just this – to optimize the total value of ownership in your investment through home improvement efforts, whether it’s minor, major or maintenance.

Total Value of Ownership (TVO) is an evaluation method designed to help people understand the value of an investment in terms of cost, revenue and opportunity. Relative to housing, the top financial goals of home improvement projects are to save money, build equity and increase the opportunity to sell when ready. So, when you consider that Home 2.0 provides users free access to information and resources to plan and manage home improvement projects, which enables your home to appreciate and sell faster – the total value of ownership of Home 2.0 is easily transparent!

Phillip at 5:28pm December 8

Here's an article from BusinessWeek today that talks about how competitive the space is right now:


I don't think a homeowner should have to pay for the information on the contractors. I also think that social media and business process management applications have provided a more elegant solution to this problem, delivering the information and resources needed to plan and manage a home improvement project or service online.