Getting Ready for Guests

Are you ready for special guests?
I know there are a lot of items around the house that you would like to have fixed or changed.
There are perhaps some items around the house that are bothering you that you want to get taken care of before relatives come for the holidays.
There is a lot of stuff that I can do that you may not be aware of. I am going to attempt to make a list of things that you can check that we can take care of.
Water stains on the ceiling? This is most likely a roof leak. Clean out of the gutters needed? Are the screens to the attic intact as to not let in critters?
Faucets dripping? Wet floors behind the toilet or under the sink? Hose faucets drip when they are on or off? Low water pressure? Does the water run slowly on your washing machine? Are your sprinklers fully covering the yard?
Dirty filters? Fireplace chimney clean?
Is it earthquake strapped? Are the pipes on the top corrosion free?
Switches, lights and outlets work properly? Do you have smoke alarms? Breakers blow without apparent cause?
Grout and caulking look good? Garbage disposal work? Cabinet doors all work properly? Exhaust hood work properly?
Grout and caulking look good? Shower doors work? Walls damaged? Need more towel bars? Exhaust fan work?
Tiled floors in good shape? Do the floors squeak? Do the floors feel soft or weak?
Do they all close properly? Do they seal and latch? Holes in the screens? Garage door work properly?
Painted shut? Latches operate well? Skylights leak?
Do you have enough shelving? Is the shelving strong enough?
Do the stairs creak or groan? Are the stair and balcony rails secure?
Peeling, fading, cracking? Don’t like the color? Wood and varnish in good shape?
Drive in good shape? Foundation vents damaged or obstructed?
Area drains work properly? Deck in good shape? BBQ work? Patio cover in good shape? Need new landscaping? Need outdoor path lighting?
Is the wood fence wobbly or broken at the base of the posts? Block walls need repair or replacement? Gates work properly? Rust on metal frames?
Well that's about it; let me know if you want to know any more. Go to my web site at and find out more.