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 "Going Green" has become a bit of a marketing tagline and makes trendy what is simply an awareness of one's behaviors and their impact on the environment. Green alternatives for products and services have become more and more prevalent, and made more affordable in our current political and economic environment. However, green living is somethat can be done everyday by simply being aware. This group helps to further the cause of sustainability and provide a forum for information and discussions on living a greener life.
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Creating a "green" space.

Paper OR ceramic

If you are an independent professional who technically works out of
home, you probably spend a ton of time in coffee shops! To not go crazy

Bottled Water is Definately NOT Green!

It's hard to remember a time where we weren't lugging around a bottle of water at the gym, in the car, at home, or just about anywhere.

How's Your Indoor Air Quality?

Indoor air quality is something most of us without respiratory issues in the family rarely consider.

Green Options for Pets Eating and Waste Disposal

Today not only are we integrating options into our lives revolving around how to find cleaner methods of heating and cooling our homes, but also how we can change our Lifestyles to better suit the env


One of the biggest misconceptions about "Green" alternatives is that they are expensive.

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