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Ever Wonder How A Gallerist Decks Her Own Walls?

Madelyn Jordon's home is featured in the Fall issue of Westchester Home. View the article and her tips for living with art at the following link:

LIVING WITH ART - By Madelyn Jordon

For most of us, the process of designing and furnishing a home is a daunting yet satisfying project. It is a chance to exercise our creative side, to reflect upon the way we want to live.

Decorative Painting (Faux Finishing Ideas) part 2

To continue this I am going to jump to color value which is one of the most important aspects to color, some will argue this fact as to saying that its intensity but to me its a matter of opinion and

Decorative painting (Faux Finishing Ideas)

I am so glad that Phillip made this available so I can contribute to this site and help on some "Faux finishing ideas" .

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