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KC Company - Pella Windows and Doors

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Established in 1931, K.C. Company is built on strong leadership. Its priorities include employing and maintaining a knowledgeable and dedicated staff whose primary focus is to build strong relationships with customers. In 2007, K.C. Company became the 5th largest branch in the Pella Direct Sales Network. K.C. Company operates 8 Pella® Window & Door Showrooms, designed to help customers make the most informed window and door decisions, and, if needed, to provide professional support after the sale. What differentiates K.C. Company from other companies is this commitment to customer service. What perpetuates this commitment is the hiring and continuous training of employees who are skilled in all areas of remodeling, renovation, and the installation of windows and doors. K.C. Company offers its customers the confidence of knowing that their homes and businesses are in the hands of experts that are among the brightest, best trained, and best supported in the industry. At the core of K.C. Company's success is the sophisticated focus and vision that the K.C. Company team applies to our business practices. Each member of the team is continuously aware of the need to align the company's goals with the customer's needs. Stan Stokes, President